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Beach Car Freshie

Beach Car Freshie

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Transform your car into a tropical paradise with our beach car freshie. Created with a simple blend of premium ingredients such as natural fractionated coconut oil and paraben + phthalate + cruelty free fragrance oils and packaged in a cute shell bottle, this car freshie will transport you to a beach paradise every time you enter your car. Paradise awaits!

scent options and blends

- island breeze: peach + mango

- tropical dreams: mango + pineapple

- pineapple cove: pineapple

- malibu mango: mango

- peachy keen: peach

- ocean breeze


1. unscrew wooden lid + pull out plastic stopper. use caution when pulling out plastic stopper so oil does not spill.

2. screw wooden topper back on and tilt diffuser upside down for a few seconds until wooden topper is saturated with oil.

3. unscrew wooden lid and replace plastic stopper - make sure plastic stopper is pushed down completely so oil does not spill.

4. replace wooden lid and hang diffuser in your car.

*repeat steps 1-4 as needed*

CAUTION: the oils in this diffuser can damage your car interior. please make sure to replace the plastic stopper to ensure the oil does not leak through and cause spills. keep diffuser away from small children and pets. avoid contact with eyes, face, and textiles. starfish coast is not responsible for any damage or injuries caused by the diffuser.

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